Science and Climate Writer for Upworthy

The Job — Science and Climate Writer for UpworthyWriting Pencil

Location — Full telecommute.

Job Responsibilities —  From the company job posting:

  • Monitors the Internet for topics, events and ideas that Upworthy can uniquely elevate, or respond to
  • Pitches ideas for original stories and angles on current issues that help elevate the public conversation
  • Fearlessly takes on any story assignment from their editor
  • Quickly builds story packages
  • Dreams up and builds basic graphics and/or visual story components
  • Develops thumbnails, headlines, and other clickable, shareable visual and verbal clues for each story
  • As time allows, optimizes the story package via rigorous testing
  • Tracks and improves qualitative and quantitative results over time
  • Enjoys a generally flexible work schedule, but is available to work scheduled shifts (occasionally on evenings or weekends) to cover live events and respond to breaking stories, as assigned
  • Develops a presence and following on social media channels
  • Is able to write 5 to 7 stories a week; meets any and all requirements as set by the editors
  • Is a supportive and reliable member of the larger editorial team


  • Is fast but detail oriented. Responds quickly. Writes clean copy. Willing to take on any story and make it soar.
  • Flexible. Willing to roll with changes to processes or goals, and eager to learn and employ new skills
  • Has strong virtual communication skills and is a calm team player under tight deadline pressure
  • Has a vibrant, active presence on social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
Has 3+ years professional experience in at least one of the following areas:
Journalism / reporting / writing / editing / documentary work
Comedy writing / songwriting
Graphic design / art / visual communication
Spoken word / performance / acting / improv
Copywriting / marketing / online marketing / advertising
Social media
Schedule —  Full time, flexible.

Employee or Contract — Employee

Compensation — Not advertised.

Benefits — Health insurance and company stake offered.  401k after six months.

More Information — Review and apply by clicking here.