Quicken for Mac Tech Support (Sutherland)

The Job —  Quicken for Mac Tech Support (Sutherland)wires-in-my-hand-809036-m

Location —  Full telecommute opportunity.

Job Responsibilities — From the Sutherland job posting:

You must own and operate a Macintosh computer that you will use for work.  In addition, you will also be required to own a PC.  Both computers will be utilized to perform your job.

You must have experience using Quicken software, and be willing to download and use the Quicken software for your personal finances.  Your Mac will be used to assist customers as they navigate through the application.


  •  Intermediate Macintosh computer knowledge (browsers, operating platforms, cache, cookies, etc.)
  • Strong typing and reading comprehension skills (35 WPM, accuracy of 90%)
  • Ability to multi-task and handle multiple concurrent customer interactions
  • Excellent customer management and interactive skills, whether on phone or multi-chat platform, email included
  • Strong analytical skills – ability to identify appropriate solutions to match customer needs
  • Familiarity with the Intuit Quicken product and a basic understanding of personal finances
  • Willingness to download personal financial information into Quicken, which will be provided by client at no charge, and will take place during training
  • Ability to navigate online knowledge bases to research information and provide customer with solutions
  • Entry-level understanding of personal finances/terms
  • Entry-level analytical and financial management skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Schedule —  No details given, most tech support jobs require nights and/or weekends.

Employee or Contract — Employee

Compensation — Not advertised. Click here for Glassdoor reviews on Sutherland.

Benefits — Yes, click here for an overview of the Sutherland benefit package.

More Information — Review and apply with Sutherland here.