Offsite Support Specialist for Cass Information Systems

The Offsite Support Specialist works within the Cass utility bill payment group. This is a part-time work-at-home position that assists in coordinating the flow of production. The person in this position also reviews billing exceptions and is an information resource for unit.

Primary position responsibilities:

  • Assists in coordinating the flow of production. Acts as an information resource to the offsite and work-at-home operators by responding to processing and production inquiries via phone or email within a timely manner. Participates in the processing of invoices and the maintenance of bills as needed. Sets up group controls as necessary.
  • Monitors the status of invoices in the workflow system, in addition to exception invoices in the various work pools, by periodically reviewing the invoice dates and levels of invoices to be processed. Reports accordingly.
  • Deciphers utility bill information by verifying the amount due, due date, service periods, consumptions, taxes, adjustments, balance carried forwards, and ensures that vendor, barcode and account number captured correctly.
  • Distinguishes which production level bills should be processed in, and correctly interprets client and department notes to ensure the appropriate unsuspend decision is exercised to process the invoice.
  • Corrects errors found by various departments by verifying that all necessary information provided by the department returning the suspended document is correct. Rejects or returns invoices that do not meet the department requirements necessary to successfully unsuspend each utility bill.
  • Accurately reports daily carry-over to management. Keeps management abreast of potential client processing concerns and anticipates any unusual levels of production.
  • Analyzes external data entry errors and reports outcomes accordingly.
  • Promotes the benefits and value of the quality program to the operators.
  • Works flexible hours and overtime when warranted ensuring assigned accounts are completed daily.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Knowledge and minimum requirements:

  • Working knowledge of standard invoice processing procedures.
  • Proven leadership skills.
  • Proven organizational and communication skills.

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