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TopBuzz is the #1 mobile destination with engaging and entertaining contents personalized for the user. It is constantly ranking Top 3 in news and media categories in app stores. Driven by great content and technology, the app serves 20 Million + users every month and shows 5M+ pieces of contents every day. Let TopBuzz users see your writing now!

About You

We’re looking for creative, quick-learning writers to join our content team. The ideal candidate is a viral specialist and has the eye for what’s trending on the internet. Are you the one always sharing a funny video in a group chat? Do you know which Reddit page to go to for some good laugh? If you’re answering yes to these questions, we want you!


Scour the internet every day for videos with massive viral potential and pitch them to an editor;

Write headlines that grab attention and people to read the stories;

Craft shareable thumbnails with eye-catching images for every article;

Use natural and easy-to-read language to tell stories.


Obsessive attention to grammar and formatting;

Ability to adapt to the TopBuzz’s tone and style;

Ability to learn quickly from constructive criticism;

The desire to share a good story and discover what the readers want to read.


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