News Writer/Editor for Flocabulary

The Job — News Writer/Editor for FlocabularyWriting Pencil

Location — Anywhere

Job Responsibilities —  From the bloggingpro job posting:

Each week, we create and publish The Week in Rap, which summarizes important current events in a music video. We also publish supplemental material so students can learn more about the news stories. You’ll be responsible for writing all the content aside from the song itself.

— Independently follow various major news stories
— Propose the 7-8 stories that should make it into the Week in Rap (Wednesday’s at 1:30pm Eastern)
— Fact check the lyrics (Wednesday’s at 5pm)
— Summarize each story in 8-10 sentences, writing at an 8th-grade reading level (by Thursday at 1pm)
— Create a short activity and quiz, based on the model we send you (by Thursday at 1pm)


— You are a very strong writer who can work quickly
— You are an excellent researcher and fact-checker
— You were a great student and have a college degree
— Bonus points if you have done some tutoring or teaching

Schedule —  Part time, must be able to meet deadlines listed above.

Employee or Contract — Freelance contract.

Compensation — Negotiable.

Benefits — None advertised

More Information — Review and apply via the bloggingpro job board.