Health and Nutrition Writer for

The Job —  Health and Nutrition Writer for HealthAmbition.compencil-pusher-1235996-m

Location —  Telecommute

Job Responsibilities — From the Problogger job posting:

  • Researching a given topic using high quality sources
  • Presenting scientific information in an interesting, easy-to-read format
  • Meeting deadlines on time
  • Working with the editor to make article revisions as required
  • Checking email regularly and updating the scheduling app with completed work
  • Respond quickly to team communications


  • Be a native english speaker
  • Have impeccable grammar and spelling
  • Write in an engaging tone
  • Be passionate about healthy living
  • Be able to independently research and simplify complex health advice
  • Be proficient in basic IT skills (Google Docs, instant messaging, Gmail)
  • Qualifications or experience in health, nutrition or fitness
  • Previous experience writing for health and nutrition publications

Schedule —  Full time, flexible

Employee or Contract — Unclear from job posting.

Compensation — Not advertised.

Benefits — None details given.

More Information — Review and apply via Problogger.