Google Ads Quality Rater (Japanese Language – Temporary)

The Job — Temporary Google Ads Quality Rater – Japanese Language

Location — Work at home, open to those living anywhere in the United States

Job Responsibilities 

Evaluate accuracy of Japanese language advertisements related to Google

Use online tool to rate ads and provide feedback regarding relevance of content.

Review Japanese language text, video, images, and other media and rate using online tools.rating stars, web

Use familiarity with Japanese culture, language , and media in this position


Fluent in Japanese, able to determine when language used in advertisements sounds funny, is grammatically incorrect, or is unnatural.

College level fluency in reading and writing the English language

Must have private, high speed internet connection.

Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience

Experience with the internet/print culture of Japan.

Excellent analytical and written communication skill set.

Authorized to work in the United States.

Schedule — Contractors may select their own work schedule, generally from 10 to 30 hours each week.

Employee or Contract — Contract, temporary position.

Compensation — Not advertised. reviews place pay rate at $15 an hour.  Contractor will be responsible for tax payments.

Benefits — None offered.

More Information — Review this position the Google jobs page.  Although the job is posted on Google, you will actually be contracting with a company called Zero Chaos.

Resume and cover letter required for applicants.

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