Freelance Writers for

The Job —  Freelance Writers for Writing From Home

Location —  Remote telecommute.

Job Responsibilities —  From the company job listing:

 LoveToKnow Freelance Writers are needed to create, update and merge content on a variety of topics. Writers will be assigned to certain channels (topic areas) based on their credentials. Writers are approved to write and edit content only on areas for which they have specialized expertise. Individuals may be approved as writers on more than one channel topic. Writers work with LoveToKnow Editors to ensure all content provided meets the highest standards.

Writers are credentialed experts with whom LTK has cultivated a relationship and whom we compensate for specific assignments. Writers will be provided with a list of possible available assignments to claim. Assignments may entail any of the following: updating and revising existing content, reviewing content for accuracy, and creating new articles.


  • Specific expertise and / or credentials in a field or topic area covered by the website
  • Excellent writing skills, with logical flow, good organization and impeccable grammar
  • Minimum of one year professional writing experience
  • Familiarity with a variety of website interfaces
  • Great written communication skills
  • Organized and efficient with keen attention to detail
  • Home computer with broadband internet connection
  • Able to work independently with minimal direction

Schedule —  Part time.

Employee or Contract — Contract, pay per article.

Compensation —  Variable, generally from $15 t0 $50 per article.

Benefits — None advertised.

More Information — Review and apply at the LoveToKnow job page.