Are you hiring right now?

Our site is informational in nature, we are not hiring for any particular position.  We simply assemble job leads for you to review and apply for if interested.

How long will it take to find a job?

This varies depending on the company, and your particular skill set.  Some have reported finding a job and starting within a week, other times it takes several months.  Its best to apply for several positions if you are desperate to find a work at home position.

What do I need for my home office?

This depends on the type of job you are seeking, but the majority being offered involve being on the phone in a sales or customer service capacity.   If you are seeking a phone position from home, you definitely need the following.

-Landline (no VOIP services like Vongage or Magic Jack)

-High speed internet connection (cable or DSL, satellite speeds aren’t fast enough)

-Up to date computer with antivirus software

-Quiet work location, preferably something with a door that can be closed

-Telephone headset

This will get you started.  Each company will provide you with additional specific information as to computer and work space requirements.