Entry Level Medical Transcriptionist for Med Trans

The Job — Entry Level Medical Transcriptionist for Med Transmedical

Location —  Work at home, position available nationally.

Job Responsibilities — From the Careerbuilder job posting:

As a Medical Transcriptionist you will transcribe reports recorded by physicians and other healthcare practitioners. The types of documents include items such as, letters, chart notes and reports. You will work from home via a virtual project management site. You will be transcribing audio recordings into printed reports. These recordings, dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, become part of permanent written records by way of your transcription services.
Transcribing dictation for a variety of reports, including:
Patient histories
Physical examinations
Emergency room visits
Chart reviews
Discharge summaries
Translating medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms
Ensuring the accuracy of patient and health care facility records
Editing as necessary and returning reports in electronic form for review
Completing work on time, within a 24 hour time frame


This is an entry level opportunity that does not require previous experience. We offer training for candidates who are willing and ready to start a new career prospect. You must be a self-starter who is highly motivated, focused and disciplined. You must have good organizational skills and the ability to stay on target while multi-tasking effectively. You must be able to get your projects done within the allotted time period.

-High School Diploma or Equivalent Certification
-Must own a Personal Computer
-Good English writing skills
-Experience in the medical or healthcare industry, a plus
-Ability to listen intently to recordings for details
-Ability to decipher dialects well, a plus
-Typing skills 30 – 60 WPM
-Must pass a general aptitude test

Schedule —  Full time, flexible hours

Employee or Contract — Employee

Compensation — Not advertised on job posting.

Benefits — None advertised on the job listing aside from advantages of working at home.

More Information — Review and apply for this position via Careerbuilder.