E-Sales and Reservations Rep for U-Haul

The Job — E-Sales and Reservations Representative for U-haulbusinessman-with-the-notebook-3-1362248-m

Location —  Work at home- available in “most areas” according to posting.

Job Responsibilities —  From the U-haul job page:

-As a remote (work from home) team member you will receive incoming calls from customers calling specific U-Haul moving centers across the U.S. and Canada or from customer calling the U-Haul Company’s toll free number: 1-800-GO-UHAUL.
-You will have the flexibility and the comfort of working from your own home and with your own familiar equipment.
-You will answer general product/rental inquiries and secure and/or schedule reservations for    U-Haul trucks, trailers, towing devices and storage rooms.
-You will maintain close working relationships with U-Haul staff and personnel while also assisting customers with their moving and storage needs.


Must be highly PC literate
Ability to download software is required
Applicants must have good verbal skills
Fluent in the use of Instant Message
Ability to type 25 words per minute is essential
General knowledge of United States geography is required
Your workstation must be in a private, quiet area away from others in your residence and background noise.
Highly motivated and dependable
Prior call center experience is preferred

Technical Requirements —

A minimum up load and down load speed: 2 Mbps or greater is REQUIRED to work from home. Run a speed test NOW to check your system, click www.speedtest.net and click on “Begin Test”, you will be required to provide speed test results for interview.

Your own computer with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 or 8 operating system

A reliable cable or DSL broadband internet connection and you must purchase your own USB headset

You must be able to download software, a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is used, and a landline or cell phone is NOT needed for this position.Broadband or High Speed Internet is required. (A wired connection is required.) Cricket, Air card, satellite or other non-wired ISP connections are not allowed.

Schedule —  Current hours of availability are from 10am to Midnight, closed Sunday.

Employee or Contract — Employee

Compensation — Not advertised.   Read Glassdoor.com reviews here.

Benefits — None advertised on the job listing.

More Information — Review and apply for this job by clicking here.