Finding a job is tough.  Finding a work at home job can be even tougher.  But millions of Americans now work at home – either part or full time, so it can be done!  But  here is what you should you know about our site and how you should research potential jobs.

All of the jobs posted on appear to be legitimate.  By that we mean the companies and websites advertising the jobs are generally well known and established, and that have physical locations that are easily found with any search engine.    While the jobs we find look like legitimate opportunities, there of course is no guarantee that the actual job exists.  Therefore you are encourage to do your own due diligence in researching the job further before spending time applying.

There are a few common sense items that you should help you screen out “jobs” that may in fact be scams.

-Request for money.  No legitimate employer will ask you for money up front.  There are a few jobs offered as contract opportunities that require a background check, to be paid for by the contractor.  In these cases, simply do further research on the company with the terms “pay for background check” included.  These should help you find others who may have gone through the screening process already.  Usually companies requiring this work with customer credit card information, requiring them to screen potential contractors.

-No experience necessary.   Its very rare that a company will hire someone without any experience, that is why we all “start at the bottom” when we get our first job.   Almost every employer is going to require some experience in the field of work.

– Extremely high pay.   These can easily be discounted, offers of thousands of dollars weekly for part time employment are not legitimate.  Some multi-level or network marketing companies make claims like this based on the very high achievers who initially worked thousands of hours for little to no pay, but now have a residual income stream.

-Spam job offers in your e-mail.  These come from halfway across the world, again offering you thousands or even millions for your “help” in some way.   Generally the poor grammar and writing style give these away as being scams.

– Fuzzy job description.   A job listing should logically tell you exactly what you will be doing.  Beware of listings that simply tell you that you will “be trained” after your hire.

– Sounds to good to be true!  There is no reason in this technological age to have people stuffing envelopes or assembling items at home.  There may be a few legitimate data entry jobs out there, but do not purchase any “software” that the company says you must have before starting with them.

In the end, use your head.  With hundreds of companies offering thousands of legitimate work at home jobs today, say no to all of the scammers out there after your money.