Customer Support Agent for Replay Poker

The Job —  Customer Support Agent for Replay Pokerbusinessman-with-the-notebook-3-1362248-m

Location —  Telecommute

Job Responsibilities —  From the company job posting:

Managing our daily support queue. Respond to customer questions, feedback, and other issues. We use Groove and Intercom often, so knowledge of those tools will help.

Helping improve our Knowledge Base. You’re the front line, our lifeline. We need you to help us help the players. Using what you learn day to day, you’ll help update documentation and maintain our Knowledge Base.

One-off projects as needed. Got a good idea? Speak up! We thrive on feedback and like seeing cool projects get done. Need help? We’ve got ideas for days. We’ve got room for growth and we believe in you.


A great communicator. You know how to take complex problems and make them sound simple. You know how to read people, infer tone, and adjust your writing to fit the situation. And you know how to remain calm in the face of adversity.

A little geeky. You know how to troubleshoot common browser, computer,and connection problems; Even better, you know how to use available resources to find answers. Be ready to prove it! Plus, we’re on the internet. You’re going to run into internet-related problems.

Fluent in English. The majority of our players communicate with us in English. Being able to read and write proficiently is a must! Bonus points if you can explain The Google.

Familiar with poker. You can walk the walk, and talk the talk, even if you don’t hit the high stakes. 2-7 off suit? Never calling that again. Your full boats never hold cowboys and you know when when to fold ‘em. In other words, it’s helpful if you know that poker is a card game. Don’t worry, we’ve a wiki, a knowledge base, and an expert to assist!

Experienced in customer service. 1-2 years in the field would be great. Show us you have a track record for making a positive impact in customer service and the ability to solve any problem.

Schedule —  Flexible, some weekend hours necessary.

Employee or Contract — Employee

Compensation — Not advertised.

Benefits — None advertised on the job posting other than “free books”.

More Information — Review and apply by clicking here.