Corporate and Legal Transcriptionist – Birch Creek Communications

The Job —  Corporate and Legal Transcriptionist for Birch Creek Communicationshelp-me-1129275-m

Location —  Work at home

Job Responsibilities —  From the company job board:

We have openings in our transcription department for high quality corporate and legal transcriptionists, doing audio files for Social Security, Veterans Affairs, Immigration, as well as legal and corporate clients.

We do not do any medical transcription.

Requirements/Qualifications —  From the application process page:

A.  Verifiable transcription experience (not required, but preferred). AAERT certification highly desirable.
B.  Secretarial, administrative, legal, or court reporting experience, if any
C.  Availability, day, evening, weekend, overnight
D.  Your time zone and state of residence
E.  Hours per week you can devote to this work
F.  Version of Windows you are using
G.  Type of internet connection you have
H.  Whether you own and use a foot pedal
I.  Software and equipment you know how to use (including all word processing programs, transcription, etc.)
J.  Why you want a work-at-home position.

Schedule —  Flexible work flow as follows:

Most work comes in during the day Monday thru Friday. Most corporate work requires same-day turnaorund. Legal generally has a 2-5 day turnaround. On occasion, we have corporate accounts that require evening work, with the work coming in by 5pm Central Time and being due early morning.

Employee or Contract — Contract.

Compensation — Corporate and financial projects pay from .40 to $1.25 per minute.  Legal projects pay from .75 to $1.75 per page.

Benefits — None

More Information — Review and apply with Birch Creek here,