Call Center Team Lead for Xerox (IL)

The Job — Call Center Team Lead for Xeroxxeroxlogo

Location —  Work at home opportunity, advertised in Schaumburg, IL

Job Responsibilities —  From the careerbuilder job posting:

Team Lead is responsible for the day to day operations of the call center. This entails making sure that the agents are on time and working their assigned shift, monitoring the real time phone application to ensure adequate coverage and break allowances are met, train and mentor new hires, answering the questions and escalate line for agents’ questions and upset callers.

They will assist in facilitating and maintaining documentation for procedural changes.


Team Leads will complete audits for agents though out the month by use of live monitoring and recorded calls, then supply the agent with the audit form. Daily aux reports will be set up to e-mail to the agents regarding their time off the phone. Month end reports will be sent to the agents by the team lead who will also have month end meetings with his or her assigned agents.

Team Leads are also responsible for notifying management of any personnel, IT/MIS or any other potentials issues as well as suggesting potential solutions.

Team Leads will take call center calls when needed; suggest process improvements and any other duties assigned.

Schedule —  Monday through Saturday work schedule with Thursday and Sunday off.

Employee or Contract — Employee

Compensation — Not advertised on job posting.

Benefits — Xerox offers a full benefits package to all work at home employees.

More Information — Review this position the Xerox job page or apply at Careerbuilder.